How Lee Lakosky uses his Hunterra Maps to help grow and hold mature whitetails

Each year, we as whitetail hunters and land managers want to spend the offseason preparing our ground for the fall, but do you always utilize the tools available to make sure you are preparing to the best of your ability? The Crush TV’s Lee Lakosky gives a short breakdown how he digs into Hunterra Maps…

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Land Consultation Giveaway with Bill Winke

As one hunting season ends, the preparation for the next one begins. On behalf of all fellow land managers, conservationists, hunters and anyone who wants to improve land—we’re about to drop the ultimate giveaway.

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Is Late Rut Better than Prime Rut?

There are different stages of the rut, and sometimes what gets the least publicity and what gets hunted the least is the late rut, or what some consider as the post rut.

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How to Know the Rut Is Near

The rut is an intense time to be in the woods. There is nothing quite like witnessing a mature buck rub a tree, two bucks go head to head, or a breeding party come crashing through the timber. Recognizing these seven signs will help you know the rut is near.

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Ten Scouting Mistakes that You Could Be Making

I wouldn’t be the deer hunter I am without really focusing on my scouting efforts. Beware, there are some common pitfalls to avoid. Here are ten mistakes you shouldn’t make when scouting.

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PODCAST: Using Maps to Become a Better Deer Hunter

Join Wired to Hunt’s Mark Kenyon and HUNTERRA Founder and CEO Ben Harshyne as they dissect maps to identify specific types of terrain features that whitetail hunters should key in on.

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The Single Greatest Piece of Gear

Maps elicit participation, and really that’s why we ultimately do this isn’t it – to participate? Sincerely, maps are the greatest piece of gear that we get to use; no other single item gives us this much information or drive to reach an end goal.

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